Friday, October 26, 2007

Oh What a Night (live from game 2 of the World Series)

Working on filling in the blanks on the color commentary from last night's game (game 2 of the 2007 World Series) but in the meantime, I have two cool videos and some photos you all might want to check out.

The first is local boy, James Taylor singing the National Anthem

The second is Papelbon striking out Brad Hawpe for the last out of the game -- and the save. Then the crowd -- including moi - goes wild.

Other pics

Cool projection of "2007 World Series" one one of the walls at Fenway

One of Game 2's heros, Mike Lowell (warming up)

Former Red Sox (and now announcer), Dewey Evans

The field during the fifth inning

Post game victory handshakes

Big Papelbon founder, Aaron (right) and his little bro, John (left)


Johnny Rooster said...

Certainly worth the trip up there and only to be made sweeter by having the Sox win it all.

QJ said...

I suppose there was no chance of taking out McCarver when you were at field level.
I find myself listening to his commentary, pausing ten seconds to try to comprehend his statement and then turning to my wife as we both say "whaaat?!!"
Any way I am now working on my sea level curveball...GO SOX!!


Johnny Rooster said...

Certainly one of the downsides of going to the game was not being able to listen to McCarver's insightful rambling. He puts me in mind of some the homeless people I pass on my way to work that don't have the filter that sane people have, which says, "Maybe you shouldn't say that out loud."

Cog-Slice said...

McCarver taught me a mind-blowing concept in Game 1 though. He said that the batter really wants to get to first base, because once there his next move could be to go to second base.

Someone needs to put him out of his misery.

Jim said...

How about this gem from McCarver last night... talking about Manny. "He can strike like a cobra in a basket."

Adawg said...

Looking forward to many more insightful comments from Jim McCarver tonight! ;)

The Reality Soldier said...

You picked the best game to be at in the series so far. Although I did rather enjoy seeing Dice-K hitting a 2 RBI single last night. Go Sox.

Adawg said...

Reality Soldier - you're telling me. What a game. Although each one has been fun in it's own right. It was an honor to be there!