Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Indians Rock

Cleveland definitely does not rock. But the Indians sure do. I have to say that The Jake is putting Fenway to shame right now. And that team is just clicking on every level.

Also the vibe coming from the Indians right now feels a lot like how it felt with the Sox in the playoffs in '03 (minus the blunder) and '04. They feel destined.

That being said, I hope we come back and kick their asses tonight, and bring it back to Fenway. And hopefully Francona wakes up starts putting Elsbury in the lineup.



Adawg said...

JS -- Boston is the team of destiny. We threw down last night (with nobody from 6-9 hitting). Schilling will be pumped for Saturday's start. Once we win that game, it's a one game playoff. Let's just hope that Dice K has the walnuts to give us a fighting chance.


JS said...

Beckett was phenomenal last night. Psyched to be bringing it back to Fenway. Time for Schill and Diceman to step up.