Wednesday, October 17, 2007

If the Sox give up as a team, is it ok for me to give up as a fan? I feel like I am wasting my energy on this team. I didn't see the patient, work the pitcher Sox last night, it was the impatient, swing at all the bad pitches Sox. Granted, Paul Byrd won 15 or 16 games this year, but the Sox should kill a guy like this. They have given up and thrown their gameplan out the window.


Adawg said...

Don't worry -- they're going to win tonight. After that, our chances only get better.

JS said...

Sounds like this post is more about how the Sox are playing, versus Manny's curious comment, but to comment on that comment:

I'm giving Manny the benefit of the doubt, and say that he was just trying to put things into perspective to take down the stress level in the clubhouse.

And Manny is one of the few who's kicking ass this post-season, so he gets some usual.

Johnny Rooster said...

Looks like they had some fight in them yet.