Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sox Trade Options Are Limited

As we begin to head into the second half of the baseball season it should be pretty clear to everyone that the Red Sox are going to win the East comfortably and be in the post-season. As such they need to figure out what moves they can make to maximize their chances in winning another World Series. Unfortunately, their trade options are limited. Their two biggest needs right now are a leadoff hitter and a #5 hitter but Theo invested huge money in the offseason to address both with the signings of Lugo and Drew. The Lugo signing was needed because an early move by Theo (Coco Crisp) failed to properly address the void left by Damon at the top of the order. Much like a gambler who takes a beating on the NFL on Sunday and tries to make it all up on Monday Night Football, Theo chased by overpaying for Lugo (.197, 5 HR this season) when they could have had Alex Gonzales (.250, 13 HR) for a fraction of the cost. Drew is starting to show some signs of coming around at least in terms of average but he only has 33 RBIs at the break which is piss poor production for a # 5 hitter.

I don't see how they can upgrade at leadoff or the #5 hole giving the investments made to Lugo & Drew. So that means this team will need to improve by making a move for pitching. With Schilling supposedly on the shelve to August they could really use a #3 starter giving his uncertainty. I would only have two untouchables in the farm system for the right deal and they are Ellbury (the next Grady Sizemore) and Buchholtz. If they have to give up Lester for a solid # 3 starter I make the move. This hedges your bet on Schilling's health and best case if he is healthy would also improve your bullpen by moving Taverez there.

I don't feel great about the Sox chances against either Anaheim or Detroit in the playoffs. Theo needs to make a move to improve this club for the championship run. It is just too bad his offseason moves have limited the options.


Cameron said...

Suddenly, amidst a relative resurgence from Coco and the fact that J.D.'s numbers as a leadoff man are surprisingly solid, the trade issues appear less dire, don't you think? Surely we're stuck with Julio Lugo, but that means that we have one dead spot in the 9 hole, and when that dead spot does get on he almost always reaches second. Interesting, no?

Junior Gong said...

JD has done better at leadoff but the guy can't seem to stay healthy and the Sox didn't pay $14 a year for a leadoff hitter. This team is a barely above average offensive squad with much more than one dead spot. We are quickly approaching the time of the season that last year saw Tek, Youk and Lowell fall off the map in terms of offensive production.

JS said...

I think we need to find another bat badly. Drew and Lugo are picking it up, but just barely. It's an improvement from where they were, but they're still not performing as they should be. There's no spark on this team offensively.