Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday Musings, July 6

Cleaning out the cobwebs from a week out of the office...
  • * What about that Jacoby Ellsbury kid. Speed, power, defense. I can't wait until he gets his September call up and the Sox are 15 games up in the AL East. We are definitely going to enjoy watching this guy play.
  • * To that end, you almost wonder if someone slipped some video highlights of Ellsbury into Coco Crisp's locker with a note that said "watch out" because Coco sure has hit A LOT better over the last few weeks. Nice grand slam last night in the first against Tampon Bay.
  • * The Red Sox midseason grades provided by Chad Finn this week were entertaining and I have to say, I agree with most of them. However, I take exception with the "D" Chad gave Joel Pineiro. Taking out a three game stretch in May where Pineiro basically came in for mop-up duty, Joel would have a 3.99 ERA. For the most part, he has been a serviceable right-handed option out of the bullpen and I can honestly say, I don't mind seeing him come into a game, even when it's a tight one.
  • * The fact that the idiots on WEEI are still giving Ainge shit about trading for Ray Allen blows me away. I will bet anyone a rack of ribs that a) the Celt's aren't done dealing yet and b) that even as currently constituted, they are good enough to contend for the 3-4 spot in the East next year. Any takers?
  • * Tell me something. How is it possible that the Yankees are listed as "players" in half of the trade rumors on ESPN Insider? I'm quite sure they are interested in anyone and everyone but they have little of value to trade -- both in the farm system, and in the "bigs" -- and have said that they will not trade Philip Hughes. On top of that, they are 12 games behind the Sox with next to no chance of catching them and are 8 back in the wild card with four teams in front of them. I'm not ruling out a playoff appearance for them but seriously, this would be a great opportunity for the Yanks to acquiesce, become sellers and take the opportunity to rebuild their team around key players like Wang, Cano, and Cabrera. Fortunately for the Sox and the rest of the AL East, that's not the way George thinks so expect more payroll, fewer prospects and lots more overpaid veterans by the trade deadline.
  • * Is it heresy to start salivating about football season with the Sox in first place and cruising toward the AL East tile? Training camp starts next week and the season opener is just seven weeks away!
Let's keep our fingers crossed that Papi's HR touch returns this weekend in Comerica Park!


JS said...

Those grades are spot on. I echo your sentiments about Elsbury as well. Can't wait to see more of him.

Watching the Tigers this weekend made me harken back to the days when the Red Sox had a scary offense that could come through at any time. Now it feels like it's totally unlikely that they'll come through at all. If we don't start out winning a game, there's almost no chance we're making a comeback...and even if we start the game winning, there's a good chance our opponent will make a comeback. So painful to watch.

The 13 inning game was particularly brutal, as the offense had so many chances and couldn't even put a good swing on the ball with runners in scoring position. I'm talking to you JD Drew...and unfortunately Manny. Intentionally walking Papi at every at bat is seeming like a great strategy.

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Junior Gong said...

I liked Boston's chances in the 13 inning game simply because our bullpen is far superior to the Tigers but the bats went silent. Still, I would much rather be rooting for a team struggling to score runs than a team struggling with pitching.

The Tigers are the team that scares me the most in the post-season. The Sox need to make a move for another starter.