Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Musings, July 20

After a week of shit pie performances by the Sox (Monday excepted), I'm dragging myself into Blogger today to write my "Friday Musings" column. Here goes:

  • * According to an anonymous source close to the Red Sox, Kevin Millar will "Cowboy Up" once again and become a member of the Red Sox. You may be thinking two things -- why and why? The answer to the first "why" as in "why would anyone want him" is, in spite of teetering along the Mendoza line the last few seasons, Millar has raised his average from .238 to .286 since June 14 and currently enjoys an OPS that is higher than Manny Ramirez. The answer to the second "why" as in "why do the Sox need him" is that they desperately need a right-hand bat for pinch hitting purposes late in the game. The Wily Mo experiment is obviously not working and we are getting killed with guys left on base.

  • *You want to talk about luck -- I took the family to the game this week (thanks to my dad for the tickets). You know which game I went to? The one game that didn't suck for weather or performance reasons i.e. Monday night. Great pitching performance by Kason Gabbard and HRs by Pedroia, Manny and Big Papi to boot. We had great seats and it was a perfect night for a game. I also met former Celtics Guard, David Wesley. It was almost surreal as the dialog (near the concessions) went something like this:

    ME: Hey, you used to play for the Celts, right?

    DAVID: (looking around), yes, that's right.

    ME: How are things? Enjoying the game?

    DAVID: Not bad and yeah, it's a good one.

    ME: So you went to Charlotte after the Celtics, right?

    DAVID: Yes, and then onto Houston and now Cleveland.

    ME: Things in Cleveland good?

    DAVID: Yeah, pretty good. Not bad.
    At this point, my daughter is looking at me cross-eyed because she has to use the Ladie's room. So I politely excuse myself and head on my way. What was particularly funny was that toward the end of our exchange, I think that if I asked him if he wanted to grab a beer and sit down with me and watch the game, he would have. No ego, no posse. Very cool

  • * Is anyone else looking over their shoulders at the Yanks right now? I'm doing my best to fight the urge. I'll be honest, I still don't think the Yanks catch the Sox (although anything is possible) because the Yanks are not going to continue to play .750 ball. It's near impossible to do. Second, the Sox aren't going to continue to play .500 ball. They're too good.

  • * Can the Sox possibly leave any more guys on base? I can't believe they got 11 hits last night and they were all singles. And they only scored two freaking runs. More of the same in Josh Beckett's last outing. Let's hope that streak of bad luck ends tonight.

  • * My how quickly things change. A month ago, nobody wanted Lugo on the team. Three months ago, the same could be said about Dustin Pedroia. Now these two guys are the players I most expect to get a hit (other than maybe Mike Lowell). Unbelievable.

  • * One more week until the Patriots camp opens. Can't wait!

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JS said...

Hey, I was also at the game on Monday night. Great game to be at. 3 hit, complete game, shutout, complemented with the three dingers you mentioned. Plus...a nice, crisp 2 1/2hr game time.

To your other points, the Sox need something badly to spark the offense. Not sure if Millar is the answer, but I was thinking recently how the team has lost almost all the fun guys that used to keep the team loose. Millar, Damon, and Lowe being the main ring leaders. Perhaps a jolt of joviality could help this team with the elusive, chemistry quotient.

Have to say that other names floating around such as, Teixeira, Dye, Byrnes, etc, sound more appealing, but it doesn't sound like anything will happen if teams keep asking for some combination of Buccholz, Lester, and Elsbury.