Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Finals predictions?

I'm not asking what you WANT to see happen. I'm asking what you think WILL happen.

Tell us now: winning team, number of games, Finals MVP. No fence-sitting, please.

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Aaron_Strout said...

This one is easy. The Celtics today are hands down a better team than the 2007/2008 rendition. Not only are Pierce, Allen and Garnett all healthy (and relatively well rested) but Perkins is now arguably the best defensive center in the East, Rondo is arguably the best point guard in the league and Glen "Big Baby" Davis is a huge asset coming off the bench. Oh, and did I mention Nate "Huge Game 6" Robinson AND Rasheed Wallace?

Since 2007/2008 the Lakers have replaced Vladimir Radmanovic with Ron Artest (maybe an upgrade, not sure from a psychology perspective though) and traded Kwame Brown / Chris Mihm for a wounded Bynum at Center. Note, if Bynum was at full strength, I'd be giving more props to LA from a talent perspective. Okay, I'll give them Derek Fischer back for his what, 5th or 6th go around with LA as an upgrade from last time but I'm not sure he's the difference maker this go around.

Also note that the Celtics had to go through the teams with the number 1 and 2 end of season power rankings [http://www.nba.com/powerrankings/] AND records while LA had to beat respectable but nowhere near as mighty Utah and Phoenix teams.

As for who, what, where...

- Celtics in 6. Same results as last year - Celts defeat LA in Boston by a 20 point margin in game six.
- MVP, who else but Paul Pierce with major consideration going to Rondo and Ray Allen.