Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Bring it on: Celtics vs. Lakers (round 12)

Yes, this is the NBA equivalent of Red Sox / Yankees. Except in this case, it's the Celtics who are the evil empire with nine wins out of the eleven previous meetings in the finals against the Lakers. Where things become a little more balanced is when we look at the last couple of decades where the Lakers have actually won a slew of their fifteen championships. The Celtics on the other hand won all but one of theirs prior to 1987. In fairness, however, the last time the Celtics won a title in 2008, it was at the expense of the Lakers. And for any Kobe/Lakers fans out there, you likely still have the bad taste of the 39 point ass whooping in game 6 in Boston.

That bad taste was partially removed when the Lakers dominated the Magic in last years NBA finals. But just like the Red Sox needed to go through the Yankees in their epic 7 game series in 2004 before finally removing the Curse of the Bambino, so too do the Lakers need to exorcise their demons of 2008 be vanquishing the Celtics in this years battle royale. The problem is, the Lakers are facing an even hotter Celtic team this year with a healthy Big Three Four (including Rondo in this mix now). A team that just wiped out the number one and two regular seeds in the East -- and the top ranked teams in the NBA according to NBA.com in the last two rounds of the playoffs.

But, that's the beauty of the playoffs and the reason you don't play them on paper. On any given day, any team can win. And of course that fact has led to a little trash talk going on on Twitter between the fans of LA and the good people of Boston (former citizens included). To that end, we have all decided to put our money where our mouths are (I think) and have decided to put a little wager in place.

Here's what I'm proposing...

If the Lakers win, Team LA (members below) will pick a restaurant in LA (or somewhere convenient for the five of them) with Team Boston footing the bill (not to exceed $50/person including tax/tip). The members of Team Boston will ALSO have to don a Laker-themed avatar for exactly one week following the final game of the series.
If the Celtics win, Team Boston (members below) will pick a restaurant in Boston (or somewhere convenient for the five of them) with Team LA footing the bill (not to exceed $50/person including tax/tip). The members of Team LA will ALSO have to don a LakerCeltic-themed avatar for exactly one week following the final game of the series.
An acknowledgement in the comments section below will serve as validation that you have accepted this friendly little wager. You all ready to rock?!?


Kyle Flaherty said...

Agreed to above bet.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered.

Tom Humbarger said...

I'm in for Team LA.

I'm due for a win over @jimstorer.

Tom Humbarger

PS - Let me know if anyone in Boston needs a Lakers flag for their car!

Jim Storer said...

i'm in.

Also Jaime Punishill is in via Twitter.

Johnny Rooster said...

I am not a part of this bet, but I am assuming that the Lakers people will have to wear Boston stuff on their avatars, not LA stuff.

Aaron_Strout said...

Thanks for weighing in for Jaime Mr. Storer.

Yes Johnny Boy... it was meant to be a Celtics avatar if Celtics win. Have subsequently updated the post to reflect that important point.

adamcohen said...

So in. Bring it on!

Liz said...

Have to admit I was waffling once I heard fellow Lakers fan
@TomHumbarger has lost 3 straight bets to Storer. Not really a very good track record!

But heck, I'm in. My Lakers fandom is not too terribly deep however the promise of Team Boston donning Lakers "flair" on their avs... that is something I can't bear to pass up. (p.s. I can say with some certainty the avatar police won't have any trouble approving your new & improved photos)

SpearNation said...

Its on. Lakers baby!

Aaron_Strout said...

@Ben_nett confirmed via Twitter that he is in:

Tom Humbarger said...

Here's a link to my follow-on post with the final results of this friendly wager - http://tomhumbarger.wordpress.com/2010/06/18/settling-wagers-the-social-media-way/.

It feels great for one of my LA teams to finally triumph a Boston team!