Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nielsen Has to Be Wrong

Lots of chatter today about Nielsen's sentiment report listing the Cleveland Indians as the most hated baseball team. Here is the official list from the WSJ:

The Hatred Index

Using an algorithm designed by Nielsen Co. that measures positive and negative reactions on the Internet, here are the 10 most despised teams in baseball (scale is -5 to 5).

Team Score
1. Cleveland Indians0.9
2. Boston Red Sox1.1
3. Cincinnati Reds1.5
4 Houston Astros1.8
5. New York Yankees1.8
6. Washington Nationals1.9
7. Chicago White Sox2
8. Baltimore Orioles2
9. New York Mets2.3
10. Los Angeles Dodgers2.4
Well, I for one disagree. Here is my own top 5, at least (not just who I dislike, but what I think the real answer is out there in the public, based on volume of people who hate teams) - what's yours?

1. NYY
2. Phillies
3. Red Sox (Yes, I think there are many out there who dislike the Sawx - people hate winners)
4. White Sox
5. Mets

Who do you think is really at the top of the most hated? How about most loved?

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Johnny Rooster said...

I would say:

1a. Yankees
1b. Sox. Red Sox and their Red Sox Nation (of which I include myself), have become somewhat pompous (understatement?), descending on other teams stadiums, often taking over. It took us 86 years to make us lovable losers, but only 2 years to make us magnanimous pricks.
3. Mets
4. Phillies
5. Nationals (kidding on this last one. I can't believe the Nationals are on this list. Only 11,000 people attend games and many people view them as the baseball equivalent of toilet paper. I would think that they inspire the most apathy of any team.)

Aaron_Strout said...

Adam - totally agree. I would actually put the Sox at 1b like my little bro says as success begets jealousy. Plus, the Sox spend a lot and we fans can be assholes. The number "27" will always keep the Yanks close to the number 1 slot. I also think the Mets and Phils belong at the top.

Bryan Person said...

ZERO chance that poll is right.

Anonymous said...


Toast said...

only 2 years to make us magnanimous pricks

Not sure you meant to use "magnanimous" there. ;-)