Friday, April 02, 2010

Boston Area Red Sox Tweetups

Next Friday, April 9, will be our first official in season Tweetup for the out of town game of the Red Sox at KC. Jerry Remy's new Sports Bar & Grill will be the venue. Jerry's business partners have been very supportive and are arranging for a portion of proceeds from food/beverage sales that night to go to the Jimmy Fund. Already a great crew will be there.

We're also divising thoughts on future tweetups, involvement of philanthropy, etc. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions on ways to improve and continue events this season? If not in Boston, what have been good events in your city and what made them great?


Aaron_Strout said...

Sure wish I could be there. ;(

Johnny Rooster said...

Are you looking just to host sports related events or are you looking to determine what types of charities to support?

Aaron_Strout said...

Johnny boy - this was for a friend of a friend and this seemed like the right place to post. ALways happy to post about charities too although unless they are sports related, they probably make more sense on my personal blog OR my Facebook page. Did you have something specific in mind?