Thursday, February 25, 2010

Who Should Play Fenway Park This Summer?

What band should play Fenway Park this summer? A simple question, but there are a few rules:

1. The band/act must be actively touring (US or elsewhere) over the summer.
2. The band/act cannot have played Fenway Park already.
3. The band/act cannot have completely destroyed their legacy by playing the halftime show at a recent Super Bowl.

Who do YOU think should play the park? Who would cause you to call in a bunch of favors to score tickets?

Note: Here's the list of bands/acts that have played Fenway in the past (h/t @twalk).


Tim Walker said...

Good question, Jim. Do you have a list of those who *have* played Fenway?

Tim Walker said...
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Tim Walker said...

Relevant link:

I'm thinking Weezer or Green Day.

Aaron_Strout said...

A few good recommendations:
- David Bowie
- Pearl Jam
- U2
- Kings of Leon (trust me, these guys put on an AWESOME show)
- Norah Jones

Tim Walker said...

Having read Aaron's comment . . . I meant to say Pearl Jam.

KFFBOS said...

I think Aaron is dead on, having seen PJ and KOL at ACL (acronyms, FTW) I agree with his list sans Norah Jones. I like Ms. Jones, just not enough oomph to play a show like Fenway.

Also I would throw in:


And for something different:
Beastie Boys

Unfortunately it will probably be Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas.

Derek Peplau said...

U2 seems like the most obvious choice. It'd sell out in a nano-second. I think it'd have to be a big name group.

kpearlson said...

Play Fenway this summer? My choice is Elton John..he's touring. He's big. His music is great. He hasn't messed up his 'reputation' lately...he's influenced the Red Sox in the past...go rocket man...

Tim Walker said...

How long would it take to sell out a Wilco + Pearl Jam double bill? Four minutes? Three?

adamcohen said...

Pearl Jam would be amazing. Eric Clapton is touring - that could fit the mold well.

Adam Zand said...

Mindy McCready?

Jim Storer said...

On my ride back from lunch I heard something that should make this decision a simple one. Steven Tyler is back and Aerosmith is touring this summer. While they may not sell out as quickly as some of the other bands you've mentioned, how do you NOT book the bad boys from Boston to rock Fenway Park this summer?

Seriously, I'm asking you - all of you... is there really any other choice with this bit of news?

kpearlson said...

Well, you have a point...hard to believe Aerosmith never played in Fenway before...but if you say it's so, it must be. Steve Tyler would sell out quickly. But I still like the Rocket Man. Then again, he's coming to Austin so we'll see him here.

jon said...

Aerosmith unlikely. They just did last year. McCartney unlikely as he did the year before. Bet on Elton (he cancelled with Billy Joel last year as you may recall) or U2 (they have a show in NY around June 10th (the rumored first concert date). Wildcard would be Stevie Wonder or Springsteen. They match the model and both played moons ago (Stevie in 1973 there).