Monday, February 08, 2010

Who are the Top 10 Position Players Ever in Baseball?

Enough of this "foot ball" nonsense; time to talk about a real game.

You can use any standard you want -- hitting, fielding, baserunning, well-roundedness, character, historical impact, whatever. But don't mince words: give me your all-time top 10 for baseball.

Play ball!

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Tim said...

I am doing this based on peak performance, with steroid performances discounted.

c - Josh Gibson
1b - Albert Pujols
2b - Joe Morgan
3b - Mike Schmidt
ss - Honus Wagner
lf - Ted Williams
cf - Willie Mays
rf - Babe Ruth

Tim Walker said...

Good list, Tim. But you're saying that Pujols' best is better than Gehrig's best?

Tim said...

He might not have been, but when fielding and baserunning are added, and Gehrig's numbers are discounted because he played before integration, my call is that Pujols is likely better all around.

Jim Storer said...

Wondering if TWalk is having a conversation with himself here...?

Tim Walker said...

I'm only one of the Tims here, Jim. ;)