Wednesday, July 08, 2009

So Assuming We Don't Empty the Farm for Halladay...

A big THANK YOU to friend, Derek Peplau, for stepping up and asking the question, "How Badly Do You Want [Doc Halladay]." We were definitely on the verge of tumbleweeds blowing through Big Papelbon so we needed the injection of fresh content.

In the comments, Kyle Flaherty teed up the idea of the Red Sox needing a bat. Several of us agreed -- especially with Youkilis in a nasty slump (2 for 26), Lowell on the DL and Papi just starting to emerge from this spring/early summer's hibernation -- but who to go after?

While we'd all love to make a play for Pujols, he's most likely even more out of reach than Doc Halladay. Speaking of Halladays... how about Matt Holliday who has dropped off the planet for the A's. I'm guessing that a change of atmosphere could do him good and he could be had for a solid AA pitching prospect and maybe Kotsay.

What do my fellow GM-wannabe's think?


Warren said...

Yes, a bat or two would be nice. Personally, I prefer to see someone who can play at the corner which should really help out until Lowell returns. Aubrey Huff would be great, especially since he can play 1st and 3rd. A couple of other guys mentioned that I like are Nick Johnson of Washington and Mark Teahen of the Royals.

Also, Nick Green has played great (and way over his head), but it would be nice to get someone else at MI. Clint Barmes or Freddy Sanchez would be ideal.

None of these guys would be too expensive and I believe that they are all on the block. However, since there are still so many teams that are still in the hunt, I have a feeling it will be a sellers market.

Derek Peplau said...

Agree with Warren on Huff and the need for corner infield help. Not as up on who's on the block these days though. It might be more expensive than we'd like to get either Huff or Holliday would be my guess. Then again, we can afford it more than most.

Tim Walker said...

I wouldn't endorse a Matt Holliday pickup. He's not the hitter he was, I'm not sure he would fit the Sox clubhouse in terms of attitude, and he'd be a man without a position.

A real solution at 1B or 3B would seem to be the ticket.