Friday, October 17, 2008

Hey, where's everybody going?

Top 10 'punishments' for those who left the game early last night:

10. A stalled battery in the parking lot, at least until the game was over.

9. The kids cry all the way home after pooping in the car.

8. The babysitter, watching the entire game, gets so excited that she breaks a vase.

7. Bad gas all night from too many Fenway Franks in only 7 innings.

6. When ordering tickets for next year, their computer will crash over and over and over again.

5. Shoes are ruined from stepping in puke while taking that last piss on the way out.

4. TV reception will be mysteriously fuzzy during all future Sox games from 7 inning and on in the 'leavers' homes.

3. Papercuts.

2. Traffic and tolls so bad they couldve stayed for the rest of game and still got home in the same amount of time.

1. Knowing for a lifetime that they missed out on one of the great, all-time, Sox victories. And when they try to say that they were there and saw it all, a rash shaped like the Yankees insignia will appear on their forehead for all to see.


Jim said...
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Jim said...

amen... i couldn't have said it better myself.

Adawg said...

Lee - nice work my man. I guess I should probably succumb to some of these punishments myself as I went to bed before the game was over. In fairness, I did have faith that the Sox might come back but didn't have the energy to stay up. One tricky thing (no, I know it's not a good excuse) is that I have a 16 month old daughter that gets up EVERY morning at 6:00 AM regardless of what time I go to bed. Makes late night Red Sox watching tricky at times. ;)

RedFish said...

An "At-home-with-child-TV-turn-off" is a big difference than someone who prepared for and was actually AT the game, and actively turned their backs on the Sox, and the and dramatics and beauty of baseball, while going up the aisles for all to see, nationwide, players included.
So you and many others are off the hook in the RedFish's eyes.

And isnt Josh Beckett due for a lights-out game?

Aaron said...

I watched all of game 2.
I stayed till the end of game 3.
I watched all 9 innings of game 4.
I went to bed with the score 7-1 on game 5.

I can't live this down.

Jeff Cutler said...

Can we add a few.

List of all 'offending parties' printed in Boston Baseball

Neil Diamond makes a personal visit to each offender's house to croon four lines of Sweet Caroline and then leave...every playoff season

Frank from ComcastCares takes away your Tivo for a year.

BTW, nice list. I can't imagine missing that game. Luckily, I was like an upside-down mortgage and tuned in when it was 7-0 and then I watched until the end.

So worth it!

Steve's Day Care said...

I'm glad the Sox didn't go to bed the same time I did.

Late comments...GAME 7!!!!

Johnny Rooster said...

I admit that I switched the channel in disgust, but the glutton for punishment that I am, switched back to see how things went. I am the opposite of Aaron - since I have a 2 month old that likes to stay up until midnight, I was up for the game. I am glad that they at least made a series of it and that they lost to an equal if not superior TB team in 7.