Friday, June 06, 2008


Sorry Im a day late, but hopefully not a dollar short. Decided to start at the top again because I cant believe that anyone in RedSox nation wouldnt mind having that P.O.S. Bonds, with all of his baggage, actually put on a Red Sox jersey and represent this team and franchise. I mean, as I sit here and type, he is being accused of 15 felony charges of lying to a grand jury while trying to save his ass and tainted legacy. Do the Sox really need this kind of attention all summah'? I can see it now on all the national news channels, Barry Bonds name being deservedly dragged through the mud, with photos and footage of him swinging the bat and avoiding the cameras and questions, all while wearing a RedSox jersey. A jersey that should demand a good bit of class, integrity, and good character in order to wear it, none of which Bonds possesses. I mean, what if they win the World Series? Would you really want Bonds' crap legacy and only ring to be forever linked to the RedSox and their history? And the last thing the Sox need are babysitters for a 40 year old guy in the clubhouse. I mean, c'mon...Manny and Mike Lowell dont need that crap.

Can the Red Sox be so desperate? Can the fans be so desperate? Is signing Bonds really the right thing to do? I would hope not. Besides,in any 'key situation', opposing teams intentionally walk Bonds anyway.

Give me an update as to whats being said around the watercooler in Boston as to the general feeling of Bonds joining the Sox a few days after the idea was brought up. Is it really a possibility, or just talk? Say it aint so, Theo.


Johnny Rooster said...

At this point it seems to just be talk. I agree, having Bonds in a Red Sox jersey would not fit well. I know we had Canseco, but those were desperate times.

Adawg said...

LeeBee - I don't think the Bonds thing will materialize. He is a POS but at the end of the day, he can hit like nobodies business. Fortunately, JD Drew has delivered what people thought they were getting last year - if he (and Manny) continue at their torrid pace, people will miss Papi a whole lot less and the "Bonds" talk will quickly go away.