Saturday, June 14, 2008

Off Topic: Best Place for Fried Clams in New England

So I had a hankering for some fried clams today. I normally go to Woodman's when I'm looking for fried seafood. Today I decided to see if maybe I was missing out on something better. Yelp always has good restaurant suggestions. I also could have looked on Zagat's. Instead, I decided to "crowdsource" my fried clam choice by asking my friends on Twitter.

Interestingly enough, Woodman's came up several times as the fried clam joint of choice validating what I already assumed. However, I did got several other great recommendations, one of which I decided to try (Farnham's in Essex). It's hard to say whether or not it was better -- although my wife said that she still prefers Woodman's -- but the fried clams were definitely good. They were a little different in the sense that the batter was drier/more floury but crispy and accompanied by plenty of fries/onion rings. My one fear is that Farnham's would not be able to deal with tons of people in the thick of the summer like Woodman's can but maybe they change things up when they get busy.

Either way, I now have a bunch of seafood places I'm looking forward to trying. See below for some great recommendations (sourced from my friends on Twitter). I left in names so if you decide to try a place out and you like it/hate it, you know who to thank. If we missed any other "must try" seafood places, please leave 'em in the comments.


Jim said...

As much as this is going to sound completely unoriginal, I'm going to say Legal Seafood. They do a really good job with fried clams.

I also really like Neptune Oyster in the North End, but I'm not sure if FC's are just a special (e.g not on the everyday menu).

Adawg said...

Hey, if the clams are good, I don't care if I'm eating 'em at McDonalds. I can't vouch for fried clams at Legals but I will say that Neptune Oyster in the North End has great food in general!

Thanks Jimbo.

Aaron | @astrout