Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Musings, May 30

A lot going on in the sports world right now yet I feel like other than the Celtics, I've been mostly unplugged. That seems to happen to me especially when the Sox are on the left coast and I can't stay up to watch the late night games in their entirety. Let's hope that being on the right coast cures some of the Sox batting woes (they've faced some decent pitching but they've also been asleep at the wheel when it comes to timely base hits). Oh yeah, and Timlin didn't help their cause the other night.

On to the musings...
  1. Anyone else a little bit excited about the fact that the D-Rays are in 1st place in the East? We know this won't last (think Baltimore a few years back) but it's fun while it's happening. Yes, I'd obviously like seeing the Sox in first place more but this is kind of like seeing your kid brother whom you've competed with your whole life (him losing most of the time) scoring two goals in a big soccer game or him making the varsity baseball team as a freshman. It feels good in a "I won't let on that I'm proud of you but I am" kind of way. Too bad their fans still don't care.
  2. Celts could REALLY use a win tonight. Not that I don't think they could win in game 7 in the Gah-den but given the Lakers win last night and the fact that they've already played two 7-game series, them tired legs could use a week-long rest. Here's my prediction - if Rip sits tonight for D-troit, the C's win a squeaker. If Rip plays meaningful minutes, C's lose by 8. Let's hope Rip sits.
  3. Anyone ready for football season to start? I didn't think so.
  4. The Sox have a good problem right now in the fact that they have too much starting pitching. Back in 2005, they found themselves in the same situation and proceeded to screw themselves by trading away Bronson Arroyo. This hurt when Schilling/Wells went down early with injuries. What's nice is that we have two studs in Colon and Masterson waiting in the wings so that when DiceK suffers a sore shoulder, we don't miss a beat. This will only get better/more interesting when Schilling comes back in mid to late August.
  5. Is hockey season over yet?
  6. Can we find a better option for late inning set up/back up closer than Timlin? I love Mike and he has done wonderful things for the Sox but he really is done at this point.
Okay, this last item is not really that sports related but it does involve a friend and a marathon and it's for a good cause. One of my social media pals, Jennifer Leggio (aka Mediaphyter) is raising money to fight Leukemia. One of the ways that she's doing this (in addition to running a marathon this fall) is to auction of the services of folks like myself on eBay. If you know of anyone that's looking to get some education on social media/online community building, please send them our way.

As always, comments are welcome! Happy weekend.


Doug Haslam said...

1) I saw the birth of this Devil Rays' dynasty when I witnessed- with my son- their sweep of the Red Sox at the end of April. The lineup has always been ok, but the starting pitching has really come through-- they are young, but there are too many of them to automatically peg them as a, say KC Royals-style burnout. RE: the fans, the ones who come are pretty psychotic-- don;t underestimate Rays fans, just because the crowd at my games was 2/3 Red Sox. that's true at half the AL parks now.

2) re: Celtics predictions, that sounds about right. Nice to see Ray Allen thaw out, Encino Man-style

3) What's football?

4) Never such a thing as too much starting pitching. Curt Schilling, NESN Commentator has a nice ring to it though

5) What's hockey?

6) Mike Timlin, NESN commentator has a nice ring to it. Oki/MDC/Hansen appears to be the future.

Bonus: Manny's HR drought trying to reach 500 has nothing to do with Milesotne Anxiety: it's because they released Julian Tavarez.

Bryan Person, said...

Aaron, I haven't sat down and properly watched a Red Sox game in a few weeks -- although I did catch a replay of the 9th inning of Jon Lester's no-hitter on NESN last night. I also hope to get back to more regularly scheduled watching soon, too.

Keeping up with the Celtics has been entertaining, although they've been maddeningly up and down throughout the playoffs. I have my doubts about the Green actually closing out the series tonight, but I'll happily be wrong on this one.

Speaking of the charity auction, here's an audio link to a discussion you and I recorded all about it earlier today: Social media charity auction

KFFBOS said...

Gentleman, the C's are going to ROMP tonite behind my man Rondo. Let's just say he will collect 15 Tommy Points.

Another nice thing about CT, I can actually watch some of the West Coast swing, although I typically fall asleep by the 6th, but that might be due to Ichiro lulling me into a haze with his bat movement.

adam cohen said...

To Doug's point of psychotic TB Rays fans, I love and hate this particular fan at the same time - I'll always remember him heckling Damon all season in 2004. Now I would heckle Damon the same way, of course.

I definitely want to see the Celtics take charge and close it out. The 4th quarter of game 5 was a little scary but the rest of the game (and Ray Allen's shirtless sleeve) was enough to carry them for the W. I hope they don't start off the way that quarter finished. Hard to go against Detroit with back their against the wall, but now is the time. (I kinda liked Cleveland's "Rise Up" mantra).

Tom Brady was at Celts Game 2 at the Gahden, I think he was sitting with Wilfork. Belichik was there last night. You know what, now is just not the time for their spotlight. I can speak for myself at least - I have a few more months of healing to do. Right up to mid-August, please.

Great idea on the eBay auction, well done Jen.

Like Bryan and Aaron I haven't had much of an appetite for the late night Sox games but look forward to the return East. (Incidentally I am heading to Fenway for my first park tour in a couple of weeks for a college alumni event. Is it worth going? Rumor has it they don't let you on the field anymore.)

Aaron thanks for the musings to bring it together for the weekend. Go Celtics!

Adawg said...

You guys rock (and thanks for the humor Doug - always appreciated). Celts in Six... Celts in Six... Celts in Six!!!