Thursday, January 31, 2008

New York Props / Humble Pie

Back at the end of November, I took a few swipes at the various New York sports teams.
I just want to take a second now to acknowledge I was "slightly" off in my predictions that the Pats would dismantle both NY football teams...since they won by a total of 13 points.
( Put my plate of humble pie here, 2 slices please )

I give the Giants their props on coming back from a tough 0-2 start and a few tough losses to win so many road games and give the Pats all they could handle to make it to the Super Bowl.
I was very happy they beat the Cowboys and quite surprised they outlasted the Packers in
that miserable weather in Green Bay.

They are surely playing inspired football since that tough loss to the Pats.
But after reading this, another nice Greg Garber article on, I can see where the Giants true inspiration came from. Certainly worth a few minutes to read it.

A very good story and timely reminder of real perseverance.

So good luck on Sunday to the New York Football Giants and New England Patriots.
May the better ( and undefeated ) team win.
Enjoy the game everyone !

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Adawg said...

Joey - well said. If we've learned anything over the last few years from the Pats (and Sox) it's the fact that humility is the best medicine. Several teams this year tried to talk a little trash (the Steelers and Jags come to mind) and all left on the wrong side of the score. Conversely, the Pats and their fans got a little overly exuberant last year after a lucky win over the Chargers and the football gods frowned by snatching victory at the last minute against the Colts.) May the best team win!