Tuesday, December 04, 2007

P-A-T-S Pats Pats Pats

So, I attended the Ravens/Pats game last night, courtesy of a friend at work. The seats were awesome - 20 rows back on the 35 yard line. Needless to say, the fans were incredible and the stadium was amazing. Anyway, enough verbal BJing for Baltimore. As you can guess, for most of the game, my meager "Go Pats" was lost in the see of noise created by the Baltimore fans. However, on those rare good plays in the first three quarters, I was able to locate some Pats fans to give high fives to. I have to say, it was incredibly great at the end of the game to have the fans go from 120 decibels to dead quiet - you could hear the crickets chirping. The fans were ready to ERUPT with cheers if they could just stop the Pats. The Ravens players didn't want to let them though - as they have all year. Pats pull out some serious magic out of their butts - regardless of what the Ravens players say - and won. What a game.

One other note, the fans were dejected both after AND before the game - like they knew they were going to lose. They just didn't know how heartbreaking the loss would be. I would hate to be a Ravens fan after that game.

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Adawg said...

What a great game to have attended. I was thinking about you being there and how rabid everyone seemed early on. Very Ray Lewis-esque. You could see that the swagger wore off in the fourth quarter when that "oh shit, we're going to lose another one, aren't we" realization set in.

One thing that really pisses me off is the Ravens allegations of the NFL conspiring with the Patriots to help them go 16-0. Are you freakin' kidding me? Have you watched any of their games? Did you see them nearly get jobbed in Indy? Oh well, I guess when you're 4-8, you gotta have something to complain about.