Monday, September 17, 2007

Axe to Grind

Am I the only one that's more than a little annoyed with the bull shit that's coming out of New Jersey these days? Let's get one thing clear -- I'm not a Patriot's apologist. Belichick and the Pats cheated, they got caught, they got punished, story over. But that's not good enough for Eric Mangina. He wants more trouble to come the Patriots way.

Let me throw a few simple facts on the table. The Jets got crushed by the Pats in week one. Jarvis Green alone sacked Chad Pennington three times, eventually knocking Pennington out of the game. The Jets got crushed last week by Balitmore. The score said 20-13 but it wasn't that close. It was 20-3 up until the fourth quarter.

So maybe the Pats had an advantage in week one against the Jets because they cheated (although I doubt it). In week two after getting severely punished by the NFL ($750k in penalties and likely the loss of a first round pick), there is no chance the Pats are still cheating in week two. What do they do? They come out and absolutely demolish San Diego, the team that many experts picked as third best in the league, 38-14 (and it wasn't that close.)

Honestly, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to look at the Pats and realize that they are so loaded with talent and heart, they are head and shoulders better than anyone in the league with the exception of maybe the Colts. It was stupid of them to even think about cheating given that fact but they did. But they got caught and paid the price.

Here's where the real rub is. Didn't Eric Mangini used to work for Belichick? That's right, as his defensive coordinator if I'm not mistaken. So how did he know about the Pats illegally taping his signals on defense. Did he divine it? Or is there a chance that he may have participated in a little taping himself when he was with the Pats?

What I can guarantee you is that Mangini is finished in this league. His team is going 7-9 this season. They'll go 5-11 next season and he'll get fired. After that, he'll be lucky if he gets a job as a Pop Warner coach. There's an unwritten rule in football (and any pro sport for that matter) that you don't tattle on other coaches, especially when there's no heat on you to do so. Mangini broke ranks and not only snitched on his former boss once but now is pushing the issue and claiming that the Pats were also illegally communicating with their defensive players by sending in signals into electronic ear pieces in week one.

Enough is enough. To make it worse, you get jerks like Chris Collinsworth (this guy really played football?) saying that the Pats should forfeit their next game against the Jets and a playoff game if they make the playoffs. Really Chris? Really? Maybe we should tar and feather Belichick and then hang him in Copley Square. He cheated, it was stupid, he and the Patriots were punished, let's move on.

Would you want to be the Buffalo Bills next week? Didn't think so.


RedFish said...

Finally, a blog on the Pats and what will always be known as Videogate. Ive been waiting patiently to hear from someone here, and it seems as if the frustration of the scandal has finally reared its ugly head. First off, Collinsworth is a schmuck- always has been, and his comment was asinine. (This might or might not have something to do with him being a FloridaGator, but that’s another blog.) Second, yeah Man-gina probably blew the whistle on the Pats, an obvious 'party-foul'. But how smart (or dumb) was it, given their past relationships, for Belichick to videotape the Jets, of all teams? Nobody likes a narc, but cheating is cheating, and no one likes a cheater worse than no one likes a narc. (Ask Mark McGwire about this one, as narc Jose Canseco is just a footnote at this point.) Mangina did the damage, and now he needs to crawl back into his meaningless existence as the coach of the Jets, who haven’t mattered in the league since 1969. The story need not linger, but the severity of the matter will cause it to. The harsh reality is the fact that the invisible asterisk will never go away- not tomorrow, not next year, not in 20 years. Pats fans will have to deal with this and get used to it in a similar way that I, as a Dolphins fan, will always have to hear that Dan Marino never won 'the big one'. (Totally different situation, but you all know what I mean.) No matter how good and ethical the Pats are from here on out, these New England Patriots teams from 2001- Sept.2007 will always carry this albatross around their neck. Just like no matter how long Michael Vick is in jail, how much money he gives to the Humane Society, and how many times he apologizes, he will always be a dog-killer.
You can be the most successful guy in the world, but if you crap your pants at the party, you will always be the guy that crapped himself at the party.

I also feel that if BB gave a genuine, honest, apology instead of a ‘yeah, but…”, lame excuse of “misinterpreting the rules”, forgiveness from the NFL nation might have been a bit more realistic, but he seemed to act like a weasel all the way through the situation. Unfortunately, the great players that have played hard for the Pats for the last 7 years are being undermined as well. Not fair, but a fact . They all deserve better, and as time goes on, I think solid play, logic, and understanding will prevail in recognizing these players’ greatness as individuals. But because of BBs blunder and the ‘what if’ factor, the team will be tarnished, even if only somewhat, in the eyes of most NFL fans not living in the 617.

Yes, Man-gina needs to clam-up already, and yes, the punishment has been administered, fairly I think, given it was the first proven offense, and it is time to move on from this. But Bill Belichick crapped himself at the party, and no matter how many times he washes his underwear, the stink will linger on and on.

Adawg said...

Redfish -- all fair points. As I mentioned in my post, I'm not trying to exonerate BB or the Pats. I also agree that BB could have done a better job issuing a real apology. My biggest point is that it's time for Man-gina and the press to move beyond this story.

RedFish said...

Didnt mean to sound like an accusation- just had some things to say in general before it was too far gone - I was just waiting for a Pats fan to say something first. And judging from reading through assorted blogs, it seems alot of Pats fans were not as classy as yourself to recognize the situation for what it was. I just wish it didnt take nearly 2 weeks for someone on the blog to bring it up. I didnt want to sound like I was rubbing it in. Lets get Mangina a Gimp mask like in Pulp Fiction.

Adawg said...

bro-in-law, no offense taken. I loved your response and didn't feel like you were rubbing anything in. Just calling a spade a spade. Keep it coming!