Wednesday, September 19, 2007


4 thoughts that I could not get out of my head during the Gagne filth of last night:

1. He sucks, I hate him. Why was I excited for 3 days fro when I heard the sox were signing him until he actually pitched this summer? Tito, sit his ass on the bench and don't bring him into any games unless we have a double digit lead.

2. I have the worst fantasy football team on Earth. And it drives me insane. And I made it even worse by listening to people say that Alex Smith will have a big year. No, he won't. And I put Jake Delhomme on waivers to pick Smith up. I am dumb. My team was bad enough as it is.

3. When Manny is ready to come back (now please). JD Drew should be on the bench too. Ramirez, Crisp, and Ellsbury should be our outfield. Every game. I don't care. They are good. Drew sucks.

4. Ouch. Unless I am going to play professional football or hockey I should not be deadlifting in the gym. I can't get out of this chair on my own. Everything hurts in my body (and my mind now that the sox are going to be fighting for the wild card - and I can't even look forward to my fantasy football team).


Adawg said...

Cog-slice - nice post.

1) you are right, gagne stinks. his name means win in French. he should change his name to merde which means shit

2) hang tight with your fantasy team - it's a long season

3) magic number is three

4) can't help you with this one

RedFish said...

And dammit, plug a defensive lineman who makes tackles into your empty spot.
Just dont give up already- it cheapens the league.

And I can now say that JD Drew had a suck-ass year, from start to finish, with flashes of OK-ness. Hope the post-season and next year are better for him, and I still stand by his past achievements, even though they mean nothing right now. He completely lost his clutch mojo this year.

Cog-Slice said...

Definitely not giving up on the fantasy ball. Not in the least. Of course dropping Delhomme in favor of Alex Smith was one of the dumbest things I could have done. I let my personal feelings of Delhomme get in the way on that one. Haven't seen much available on defense period.

The trade offs between a bachelor party in Vegas and being at the fantasy draft!

I agree, I was excited (and optimistic) about Drew. But come on - I cringe when he comes to the plate. And I will take the wild card at this point, but how frustrating is this?!