Friday, July 07, 2006

Three Things

I will be posting after a Sox victory tonight and after the Dave Matthews show at Fenway, but wanted to get something out there to replace my "Tampa Bay Blues" post in the lead spot.

One: David Ortiz -- in the words of local sportscaster, Bob Lobel (and lush extraordinaire), "why can't we get guys like that?" Oh yeah, we did. And he's awesome. And he hits a lot of freakin' home runs. Score one for the good guys.

Two: What was up with the Yankees/Indians series. Did I miss the unwritten rule that the winner in each of the last three games was required to post at least a touchdown and a field goal? Aggregate score of that series... Indians 31, Yankees 23. Yow!

Three: Alex Gonzalez is an out-and-out playah. Believe me, I wanted to trade Manny for Miguel Tejada more than anyone in the offseason. But the beautiful thing is that we were able to get 75% of Tejada (with better fielding % -- 2 E's vs. 11), keep Manny, and save $9.2 million dollars per year (Miggy's 2006 salary is $11.8 million vs. Gonzalez' $2.6 million).

Over and out...

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