Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Jonathans

My goal is to make this my shortest post ever. That said, I have two points to make:
1) Wow! I know it was only the KC Royals but man did Lester (and Papelbon) look good last night. Even though KC's pitching stinks -- you wouldn't know it by the Sox lack of hitting -- they have a pretty decent offensive lineup. One hit? Amazing.
2) Saw the Portland Seadogs last night up in Manchester. They were playing the Fisher Cats. Great little gig they've got going. I was amazed at how young the players were. They all looked like they were between 18-20 years old. The best part? Total cost to bring my wife and kids to the game including food, tickets, and parking was less than $100. Try doing that at Fenway.


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