Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Hot Stove League is now in session.

Some starter topics:
  • What's your ideal starting rotation for the Sox next year?
  • What kinds of free-agent acquisitions should the Sox make in the off-season? Which particular players do you have in mind?
  • Any Sox farmhands you're looking forward to seeing with the big club next year?
  • How seriously should we scheme to put together a BigP Spring Training trip?


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Aaron_Strout said...

Tim - thanks for kicking this off.

My initial thoughts:
* after watching the wrecking ball of a lineup the Bronx Bombers assembled this year (yes, I just complimented them - don't get use to it), I'm realizing that the Sox need at least 1-2 more big bats in their lineup. Right now, we can still count on Youk, Pedroia, Martinez and Lowell if he sticks around. I think we can put Ortiz back in that camp and I'm assuming that Ellsbury can wear that badge. Bay would be in that camp if they can re-sign him which I think they will. We do need an Adrian Gonzalez type or better yet, Albert Puhols, who the Cards will have a tough time re-signing in the 2011 offseason (Pujols WILL be the highest paid player in baseball). As $$ as JD Drew is when he's hot, we can't consistently count on him. Big whole at SS still from an offensive perspective.

Gotta keep Martinez behind the plate. Need his bat.

From a pitching perspective, I think we need to consider packaging Buchholz or DiceK and Daniel Bard for a Tim Lincecum (or someone of that caliber - I don't think SF will part w/ Lincecum but a boy can dream).

In the bullpen, we could use a "Wagner" type just in case Papelbon's "bend-not-break-except-when-it-really-counts" malaise lingers.

A big YES to the BigP crew making a trek to spring training vacation next spring.

Tim Walker said...

KEY question: who will take on the logistical load (research etc.) for the Spring Break trip? It's beyond my capacity.

Warren said...

I'd love to see Hermida finally live up to his potential and replace Nancy Drew. Beyond that it would be fantastic to re-sign Bay and get Matt Holliday. Let's try JJ Hardy in the revolving door at short. I am prepared to live with the risk of Ortiz and hope he can be a consistent contributor, but I'd like to see Chone Figgins replace Lowell. This would provide a lineup of:
1b Youk
2B Pedroia
SS Hardy
3B Figgins
LF Bay
CF Ellsbury
RF Holliday
C Martinez
DH Ortiz

Now that's a lineup!

Oh and pitching:

Just sign Lackey and D Lowe, who Atlanta is dying to trade. I'll take our chances with Lackey, Beckett, Lester, Buchholz, Lowe
with Bard and Papelbon in the pen.

Tim Walker said...

Interesting take, Warren.

One note: Holliday has never played an inning in RF in the big leagues. No idea if he has the arm or range for Fenway's RF.

Warren said...

Tim, I know but putting Bay there wouldn't work either. Holliday typically has a high zone rating, chances and fielding percentage. I'm not a fan of Drew. Since they probably can't afford Holliday and Lackey, how about signing Dye for a year or two and putting his cannon in right.

And I love the idea of a spring training trip.