Thursday, March 05, 2009

New Blood on the Olde Town Teams

It's hard keeping up with all of the exciting new acquisitions on the Boston's sports teams but for the ones I know about, I couldn't be more thrilled...

  • Celtics: Stephon Marbury & Mikki Moore
  • Red Sox: John Smoltz, Brad Penny & Brad Wilkerson
  • Patriots: Fred Taylor (just confirmed that contrary to what I said in the video, Ray Lewis is staying put.)
Okay gents, let the comments fly!


Warren said...

Aaron, good insights, but I had some problem with the audio right before the Patriots. I am not a fan of Marbury as he has been disruptive everywhere that he has been. Yes, the price is right and he will probably be on his best behavior, but I am still skeptical. I think the Taylor signing will have the most impact and Smoltz the least as I think he is done.

Aren't you troubled by all these NY malcontents like Steph and Chris Baker joining the teams?

Doug Haslam said...

Quick thoughts:

Celtics- Marbury is Cassell '09 (more attitude, but even more talent), Moore is P,J. Brown- and he looked good last night

Red Sox- Compare Smoltz to colon- backside of career, but less um, backside and less attitude- will be great for young 'uns and performance is gravy. Penny I like, but maybe they keep Schill around to slap him around. Brad Wilkerson; one whizzer of a spare part

Pats - Fred Taylor will fit right in with the always-injured RB corps.

Bruins - Mark Recchi mania! C'mon man, where's your Bruins report?

Tim Walker said...

Good takes. All of these moves, to me, are about substantial upside with limited downside.

Marbury has been a malcontent in the past, but when he's happy he can still have an impact (MUCH more so than the corpse of Sam Cassell last year). Also, he doesn't come into this team as The Man: he's got at least three guys ahead of him, all with forceful personalities and all of whom can keep him in line. If he stinks, it's no worse than Cassell last year; if he's good . . . the combination of him and Rondo is trouble for other teams.

Fred Taylor is a classic, classic Belichick pickup. Still has some gas in the tank, and even if it's relatively little compared to his prime, they've shown that they can use a running back platoon effectively.

I like the Sox moves best of all. If Penny's healthy and happy, especially given that he's way down the list for scrutiny, he could casually put 16 wins on the board. It's easy to forget how good he is when he's on.

Maybe Smoltz has nothing left. Maybe his body just won't answer the bell? But what if he's healthy? He could make a heck of a "Sunday starter" for the Sox, plus take pressure off of the younger guys. Plus he gives you excellent reliever insurance in a pinch, since IIRC he closed a few games during his time with the Braves. ;)

Doug nailed it re Wilkerson. I would also add that Baldelli could be a *hell* of a spare part.

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