Saturday, December 13, 2008

Virtual Waiting Room Purgatory

There has got to be a better way.  I am already resigned that I'm going to sit in front of my PC for the next couple of hours minimum.  Last year I missed the window having to leave for a flight.  Not this year.  I even sent my wife with my son to baseball practice (indoors at Frozen Ropes - great place).  I wasn't fortunate enough to get season tickets, so this is what I am resigned to look at:

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Not to mention the Red Sox decided to sell both the 4-pax and individual game tickets on the same day this year.   ... How do you get tickets? 


AllisonWonderland said...

I took am in the waiting room , on two computers. last year took me 14 hours to get tix. it was worth it though.Waiting around is kinda a tradition now , haha. It is annoying knowing that other people are buying them though, and games are selling out

Jim said...

Hey Adam - My strategy had always been to know people that have season tickets and get on their "games for sale" mailing lists.

Now I have season tickets (1/4 share) and will put you on mine. ;-)

BTW... you and I should go to at least one this year.

I Hate the Sox more than Hitler said...


love your blog!

Aaron Strout said...

@adamcohen - hope you got what you were waiting for. Sadly, this was the first year I didn't bother trying to buy tix given my geo-challenged situation.

@IHTSMTH no prob with you not liking the Sox and I don't delete comments (unless they are clearly spam) but next time, just ping me and I'd be happy to consider linking to your blog.

Bryan person said...

Adam, the one time I tried the virtual waiting room, it took me *7 hours* to get 4 tickets ... and they were in the bleachers for a mid-week game against the Royals. (As it turned out, it was a 1-0 win for the Red Sox in one of the final games that Lester pitched before being diagnosed with cancer in 2006).

The thing that killed me was when I first got in and selected a game that was sold out, I got kicked back out! Didn't get a second chance to alter my search criteria.

That happened a second time, too. So, after 7 hours and three tries, I decided to go for a team/seats/day of week that was more likely to be available than any other.

Not going to do that again.

Hope your experience was better than mine, Adam.

Aaron Strout said...

Bry - what are you talking about? We've now got the opportunity to go to Texas stadium when the Sox are in town and have our pick of the litter. You, me, Kyle, Tim and John should buy tix soon!