Thursday, August 07, 2008

Newest Arch-enemy, Brett Favre

Well, guess all you east-coasters are waking up today to the news that Brett Favre is now in our AFC East as a member of the NY Jets. I cant say how disapointed I am at this based on the fact that Favre has been a 'must-watch-and-root-for' player in my book for a long time, but now that he is a Jet, and I am a Dolphin fan, I must root against him, no matter what. No more hoping to see him pull one out in the end of a great game, I just want his Jet-ass to get slammed on the turf hard, and have a crappy time on Sunday and/or Monday nights. Lots of angles on this one, so chime in everyone on Bretts' Jets. Uggh.


Warren said...

As a Jet fan, I must say this is a great day. I'd trade weak-armed Pennington for old-man Favre any day. Jets are loading up for their run--of course, as a long suffering Jet fan, that means we'll get to 8-8 no problem!

bfadds said...

Warren, I'm with you. On another note; the Pats need to get over themselves. Your cocky, pretentious asses got owned in the Super Bowl and you best believe the Favre on the Jets will guarantee that the Pats don't go undefeated in 2008-09.

Favre verses Brady is going to be the most anticipated match-up of this upcoming season and I can't wait to see him bend this overrated Pat's team over a chair.

Adawg said...

LeeB/Redfish - great post. I had heard rumors to the effect that Favre was coming east. In some ways, I feel bad for the Packers fans. To us, this would have been like Clemens or Pedro leaving town... oh wait, I guess that did happen. Seriously though, this will at least make the AFC East a little more interesting.

@warren, a Jets fan, huh? Well, at least you like the Sox ;)

@bfadds for what it's worth, I don't think the Pats themselves are cocky (the fans might be). And to that end, did you see the point differential in the 17 games they won last year? They totally powned their opponents every step of the way. Yes, they did lose to a hot Giants team in the Super Bowl but if you remember correctly, Brady was also injured in that game (high ankle sprain). Not making excuses, just saying that in spite of him playing like crap because of the injury, the Pats were one INT away from winning that game and going 18-0.

Warren said...

@adawg - Having grown up in NY, the Jets are the only NY laundry I still root for. Just couldn't get into the Pats and their arrogance. Although, it was kind of funny when Victor Kiam owned the team.