Thursday, July 17, 2008

Worst All-Star Performances of All Time

With apologies to RedFish, here is an interesting post on worst All-Star Performances of all time. Uggla's 3 error game was tops for position players, but not worst all time, if you can believe it. Anyway, enjoy.

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RedFish said...

Yeah, the RedFish cringed all three times, er, four times, if you want to count Hanleys error as well, but I was happy just to see them out there representing the Fish. Both players made the team due to their hitting, not their fielding, (although you wouldnt know it from Ugglas performance at the plate). Also glad that his errors never led to a single run, thanks to a marvelous pitching performance by Cook from Colorodo. And its no surprise that the Marlins are the worst fielding team in the bigs. Furthermore, they have the third worst ERA in MLB and the lowest payroll, and they STILL won 50 games before the AllStar break, same as the bazzilion-dollar Yankees. Go figure.

But to get back to topic, what made the Marlins errors easier to stomach was the fact that, ahem, Mr. Clutch JD Drew, from my alma mater, Florida State Univ. represented hardcore for the Noles. (cue WarChant here)